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stangfisket skipjack tun

Friend of the sea - your guarantee for a sustainable product

When you choose products marked with Friend of the sea , you support sustainable fishing. Friend of the sea is an international trademark whose mission is to preserve and protect the marine environment by recognizing sustainable fisheries, aquaculture and fishing methods worldwide. The certification is therefore the consumer's guarantee that the product complies with the requirements to be able to deliver a sustainable product where the marine environment is taken into account.

Friend of the sea belongs to the World Sustainability Organization , which is an international NGO that advocates for the environment. The certification itself was created by Paolo Bray, who is also known for being behind the Dolphin-Safe project , which aims to save dolphins from the tuna fishermen's nets.

In order to become part of the Friend of the sea certification, a number of requirements have been drawn up that the fishery or breeders must comply with. The specific requirements are stated on the official website of Friend of the sea , where it is also possible to apply for the certification. High demands are placed on the fishermen and breeders, which is why checks are carried out every year by independent international certification bodies to ensure that they comply with the criteria around sustainable fishing.

Choose fish wisely

At Grøndals, we do not compromise on quality or sustainability - we believe that these two things go hand in hand. When you choose to buy our canned fish, you not only get the good taste and high quality - you also choose to buy fish with care. We set high criteria for sustainability, so that you as a consumer can eat fish with a clear conscience.

If you want to go for products with Friend of the sea certification, our tasty canned tuna is a really good choice. Our tuna is rod-fished, which means that the tuna is caught with rod and line - without bycatch. Pole-fished tuna is considered to be one of the most sustainable fishing methods, as the method is selective and does not harm other fish or the marine environment.

Frequently asked questions

What is Friend of the Sea?

Friend of the sea is a certification which is given to, among other things, fisheries and breeders who comply with the criteria for sustainable fishing and take the marine environment into account. Friend of the sea belongs to the NGO World Sustainability Organization, which advocates for the environment.

Which products are Friend of the sea certified?

At Grøndals, all our canned tuna are Friend of the sea certified. Discover the many different flavors such as tuna in mild chili , fennel or thyme . If you prefer a simpler flavor, we can only recommend our tuna fillet in organic olive oil , which has won best in tests in Gastro.

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