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What is MSC - Are you going for the blue fish?

You have probably come across the blue certification (Marine Stewardship Council) MSC in the fish section of the supermarket. The MSC label is used as a benchmark for consumers, which ensures that wild fish and shellfish can be traced back to sustainable fishing.

The MSC label may therefore only be used on wild fish and shellfish that come from fisheries that are certified according to the MSC standard and meet MSC's requirements for sustainable fishing.

MSC therefore says nothing about the quality of the product, but instead focuses on maintaining the fish population.

The MSC label - a certification that aims to strengthen sustainable fishing

There are over 300 certified fisheries worldwide, of which the blue fish is distributed among more than 25,000 products.

To become MSC certified, a group of independent experts must assess whether the fishery meets the MSC standard. This is done through countless assessments, visits and data processing, which can take up to a year and a half.

MSC operates an international traceability program, which means that when you as a consumer buy MSC labeled fish, the product can be traced back to a certified fishery.

At Grøndals, we advocate sustainability

When you buy canned fish from Grøndals, you can eat them with a clear conscience and at the same time influence the demand for sustainable fish in an upward curve. We do not compromise on sustainability or quality when we are chasing good taste and the very best ingredients. Grøndal's canned tuna is also without bycatch and with a naturally low content of heavy metals.
Our core values ​​are very clear. We are committed to connecting good taste with a good conscience, which is why we place a great deal of emphasis on the quality of raw materials, how it is provided and who and how it is produced. We focus on the entire value chain, as for us it results in sustainable canned fish on a holistic level.

With Grøndal's 5 basic values, you as a consumer can sit down and eat tasty canned fish with a clear conscience:

  • The good taste
  • The good fishing
  • The good fish species
  • The good workforce
  • The good cans are BPA free

In a world where the environment and sustainability are high on the agenda, Grøndals has chosen to go one step further and exclusively produce the cans in BPA-free material. Bisphenol A is harmful and hormone-disrupting for the body, and we think it is unnecessary to expose consumers to this.

You can read more about BPA-free cans right here.

Grøndals also strives and encourages you to sort the cans correctly in the metal container, as 96% of the cans can be melted down and reused.

Only the best is good enough for the consumer

Grøndals does not compromise on quality or sustainability, and you can experience this in our canned fish. With a wide selection ranging from tuna and salmon to squid, anchovies and sprats, there is something for everyone. Grøndals also offers tasting boxes and gift packs, which offer everything good from the sea.

Frequently asked questions:

What is MSC labeled fish?

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) label is a certification given to fisheries that maintain the MSC standard according to sustainable fishing. The MSC label is only used for fisheries that catch wild fish and shellfish.

Where can I get MSC fish?

Grøndals sells a selection of MSC labeled canned fish and shellfish, which can be purchased via their webshop or in selected supermarkets and specialist stores.

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