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tun fisket på bæredygtig stang og line fiskeri

IPNLF - Certification for pole fishing

The IPNLF (International Pole and Line Foundation) aims to spread awareness of pole fishing, which is considered the most environmentally friendly fishing method, as pole-fished tuna has minimal impact on the oceans. IPNLF represents small local fishermen worldwide with a vision to create a world of fishing that is in balance with nature, by avoiding bycatch and by catching only one fish at a time. In addition, you can also spare the catch by gently unhooking the tuna and placing it securely in the fish box. In this way, we do not degrade the tuna meat and thus the raw material - as you know, the starting point for good canned food is what you put in the can from the start.

The certification is your guarantee for a nature-friendly fishing method that will benefit the marine environment and the small local fishermen for many years to come.

Pole and line fishing can best be described as one man, one rod and one tuna. In addition to a significant reduction in bycatch, the population of tuna and other fish species increases, which makes the method particularly sustainable.

In line with consumers' increased awareness of the world's environmental problems, there has been a great demand for pole-fished tuna. This demand also benefits the social and economic status of the fishermen, as the proceeds are used to strengthen the local community and export tuna to the international market.

Fishing with rod and line

The fishing method is carried out by the fishermen first locating a school of tuna, after which seawater is pumped up and sprayed over the sea surface to lure the tuna to the surface. When the sea water hits the surface, it resembles the activity of small fish that the tuna hunt. This is to create the illusion of small schools of fish, which aim to attract the tuna. The fishermen are ready with hand-held fishing rods to lift the tuna individually into the boat.

The selective fishing method has been practiced through generations for over 100 years among coastal communities worldwide.

There are different techniques and methods depending on where in the world the small fisheries are located. "Handline" takes place exclusively by fishing for tuna with a line and the bare hands.

"Pole and line" fishing uses a fishing rod, typically a bamboo pole, with a line and a hook. "Troll" is a slightly different form of rod fishing. Here typically between 5 and 20 lines are used, of different lengths, which are pulled behind a canoe or small fishing boat.

Find IPNLF certified tuna at Grøndals

At Grøndals, we want to take care of the world's oceans and ensure a responsible catch of wild fish and shellfish, while leaving the oceans in a safe condition for the next generations of fishermen and consumers. That is why our tuna is IPNLF certified.

When you buy IPNLF certified tuna, you also support the fishermen's local communities, so that fishing can continue for many years to come.

Frequently asked questions

What is IPNLF?

IPNLF is a fishing certification that ensures you have sustainable tuna on the dinner table. The fish is caught with rod and line, which ensures a selective catching method that benefits the marine environment.

What does IPNLF stand for?

IPNLF stands for International Pole and Line Foundation.

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