A thought from the sea - for grandpa

En tanke fra havet - til morfar

Grøndal's quality preserves began as a geeky niche idea, but has a fine family history behind it.

If modern Danish cooking consisted of brown sauce and frying margarine, then the Gastronomy Guide was quickly written.

It is not like that in any way. Far from actually. You can thank food geeks for that. Geeks in the best sense of the word. Like when an oyster festival is held on Fanø in October or Søren Wiuff conjures up the most wonderful asparagus from the Lammefjord.

But the geeks' interest cannot be confined by national borders. Fortunately. There is a huge culinary world out there that can teach us about other cultures and thoughts about sustainability and the art of passing on to the next generation.

One of them is Martin Grøndal, who founded Grøndals. The import company cultivates the great Atlantic Ocean, with good taste and responsibility towards nature and fishermen at the fore.

When Grøndals finds canned fish from small producers, close to where the fresh fish is landed, it is based on the motto of good taste and good conscience. Because the fish is always caught sustainably, regardless of whether it is tuna, mackerel, sardine or anchovies.

It is obvious to use 'luxury' as an adjective here, but luxury has something expensive and exclusionary about it, and that is not the case here. It is more the taste that is 'luxury', to be young with the young now.


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