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  • 2 cans of Grøndal's small pieces of tuna in olive oil or 1 large can of this tuna .
  • 1 handful of capers (if you have homemade capers on elderberries or chives, etc., it is delicious to use. The most important thing is that you can give both salt and some kind of floral taste).
  • 1 small handful of fresh thyme.
  • 1 small handful of fresh oregano.
  • 50-100g. mayonnaise (Preferably home-made ala Grøndal's mayonnaise , where you use the oil from the tuna).

Procedure method

  • See below


First you have to decide whether you want a fine or rustic tuna sauce?

If you're looking for the best, you can find a blender or food processor. And if you choose the more rustic one, you can use a mixer or alternatively mix it by hand. If you stir it by hand, you must use a large bowl and a whisk.

I myself use a mixer, as I prefer a rustic tuna sauce where you can see both the capers and the herbs.


Once you've found your equipment, it's time to whip up some mayonnaise. (you can also use a ready-made one). Pour the olive oil from the tuna into a jug. This makes the dosing process easier. Beat an egg yolk in a bowl, add a little salt and acid, and beat it into an airy mass. When the yolk has become airy, you must start adding a little oil - but be careful, because now there is the greatest risk of the mayonnaise separating!

Drip 5-6 drops of oil into the mixture while whisking and continue this careful process until you feel the airy mixture begin to thicken. When you sense that the egg yolk and the oil are what is called the alloy (became thick), then you can calmly whisk in the rest of the olive oil.

Now you just have to season it with salt, pepper and lemon (you can also use a little light vinegar).


Put the tuna (drained), capers, herbs, (possibly anchovies) and half the lemon juice as well as the peel into your bowl/blender and mix it together. Get your 50g. mayonnaise and mix until it has the desired consistency.

Now it just needs to be seasoned with salt and lemon juice, and maybe a bit of extra mayonnaise. If you have leftover mayonnaise, you can use it in the fridge!

The veal if you go off the green path

Cut the veal into as thin slices as possible. The thinner the better.

- Bon appetite,

Martin Grøndal

Serving suggestions

For green:

Prepare your vegetables and place them e.g. on a plate. Spread your Vitello Tonnato on a few plates or put it in bowls, and voila, it's served!

For Meat:

Arrange your Vitello Tonnato by placing the thinly sliced ​​veal on a plate. Spread the tuna sauce over the veal so that it covers most of the meat. Decorate if necessary. with a handful of capers.

You can serve a piece of delicious sourdough bread alongside.

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