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Semi-canned, Grøndal's anchovy filter

Semi-canned food means canned food that has not been autoclaved and thus cannot be stored at room temperature.

Autoclaving is pressure cooking, where a hermetically sealed product (e.g. a can) is placed in an autoclave that can be closed tightly (pressure cooker) and which, at elevated pressure and temperature, is used to sterilize microbiological substrates, infected material and equipment, e.g. surgical instruments, as well as drugs for injection. Autoclaving is also used in the production of canned goods.

Grøndal's anchovy filter comes from whole anchovies that are salted for 6 months and then filleted, after which they are gently canned with olive oil. If you chose to autoclave this product, you would find that the anchovy filters melted into the olive oil. A bit like when you e.g. use the anchovy filters in a tomato sauce or on a pizza.

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