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Delicious and tasty olives


Olives have been a popular food since ancient times. The delicious and flavorful fruits have spread from the Mediterranean to the whole world, and hundreds of varieties have been popularized, showing how much the fruit itself can do.

We have made an effort to find the absolute best olives, and here we think we have succeeded. After a long hunt, we found Moulin Soulas' delicious version, which has exactly the flavor expression, bite and level of quality that Grøndals is known for. In short, we wanted to find the best possible offer for the delicious fruit that we could offer you. We think we have found it in Moulin Soulas' delicious picholine olives. They also supply our delicious olive oil , so you are also guaranteed a product of fantastic quality.

In our assortment we also have our stuffed olives with anchovies from Pujado Solano. It has always been the dream to find such a product which fitted perfectly into the range and which had the same level of quality and taste as Grøndals is known for.


It all depends on what you like. The fruit ranges from the strong, black and red olives to the fresh acidity of the green olives. This means that there is a flavor for everyone who likes power and juice.

Through many centuries of cultivation, types of olives have come in countless shades, sizes and tastes. What they have in common is a characteristic bitterness and acidity that make the small, hard fruits both a fantastic snack and a delicious ingredient in cooking. The healthy, vegetable fatty acids and good nutritional value also make them a favorite contribution to one's daily diet.

Our version is the French picholine olive, which is the most widespread variety in France - and which has an absolutely luxurious taste. We have been all over southern Europe to find what we think is the best of the delicious delicacy, and we hope you agree.


You can use our olives for whatever you want. They are of course fine on their own as snacks, but are actually good friends with almost all other types of food. Pasta, salads, stews and cheese are all best friends with olives, and you can find a flavor nuance and an expression that suits your taste or your needs.

We have found a green and a black olive, from Moulin Soulas in France, who have both produced their own olives and olive oil for almost 100 years. We ourselves use olives in everything that needs a kick of acid, salt and tasty fat. So get loose, try them out, and see what you think.

With our olive fruits on your dinner table, you are even closer to being able to serve a delicious gourmet experience for you, your family and your dining guests.


On this page, you will find our selection of both black and green olives as well as stuffed green olive fruits with anchovies.

We would like to be able to deliver a product that can give you a little more luxury for the dinner table at home - and we think we can easily handle this task. Try them in the dish(s) that you find delicious, and possibly create your own successful experiences in the kitchen.

Stuffed olives with anchovies
Stuffed olives with anchovies


Stuffed olives with anchovies

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