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Grøndal's olive oil


We love olive oil at Grøndals, which can be tasted in all our delicious tins, where the delicate fish gets fullness and contrast from excellent olive oil.

In our pursuit of good taste, we have always had a keen eye for the powerful and beloved cooking oil, because good quality olive oil can lift salads, dishes and even humble white bread to new heights. It has long been a wish at Grøndals to include it in the range, but due to the variety, types and provenance it has been difficult to find just the olive oil we would like to present to you.

It has been a long and exciting hunt for the perfect cooking oil, but we think we have found something that really tastes fantastic. It is olive oil from French Picholine olives, so we are taken a little out of our Portuguese world, but we think it is quite an excellent olive oil. The oil comes from Moulin Soulas, where our delicious olives are also supplied from. The oil provides an absolutely fantastic combination for the dishes or foods that you want to work with in the kitchen.


Olive oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the olive fruit. The most well-known is the cold-pressed virgin olive oil used in cooking, where the distinctive flavor can add both breadth and depth to almost anything. Because cold-pressed olive oil retains much of the taste of olives, the choice of oil is very personal, and can almost approach the relationship of finding good wine or exciting beer that just suits your taste.

The variety in olive oil when it comes to taste, acidity, salt and fat makes it a pure wonderland for taste fanatics. It really is an oil that does its very best not to be neutral in taste, and the breadth of olive oil comes directly from the terroir and the varieties that are used. It is a widespread cooking oil throughout Southern Europe, and many countries have their own version that reflects the food culture and traditions of the country.


The question is rather what you can't use olive oil for - we think that the delicate oil works exceptionally well in almost any food that needs a little extra flavor and deliciousness. It ranges from the classic servings with white bread, salt and olive oil, to roasting meat or as a spice to a freshly mixed salad. The oil can therefore be used both for simpler things and as a flavoring agent for larger dishes.

We ourselves use olive oil for our delicious pickled anchovies, to counterbalance the strong acid, and Grøndal's own recommendation is to use the oil from our tuna for a super delicious homemade mayo. Remember to use a good olive oil in your vinaigrette, where vinegar and oil are mixed together for a true triumph. As I said, you can fry in olive oil, provided it is clean enough and you don't set the heat too high, but be aware that heating removes some of the flavor nuances in the oil.

Good cooking requires good ingredients, and oil and other fats are often what bind the nuances and notes of the food together into a symphony of good taste. We think we have a really good idea for an oil that can enhance your culinary experiences, but try it yourself and judge whether we are right.


On this page, you will find our selection of quality olive oil, which not only gives you the perfect stew, but which also perks up your fresh salad to perfection.

We would like to be able to deliver a product that can give you a little more luxury for the dinner table at home - and we think we can easily handle this task. Try the oil in the dish(s) that you find delicious, and possibly create your own successful experiences in the kitchen.

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