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- our 5 core values

At Grøndals, we want to raise the bar for quality in preserves and at the same time work for greater sustainability in Danes' eating habits. All our products are carefully selected according to our criteria for sustainability. All so that you can eat our products with a clear conscience.

The good taste

At Grøndals, we pursue good taste, and we do not compromise on raw material quality, food craftsmanship or sustainability. We guarantee you special taste experiences and hopefully a new understanding of canned fish

- if it doesn't taste good, it doesn't matter.

The good fishing

Pole and line fishing is an environmentally friendly method that is best described as one man, one hook and one tuna. A saying that emphasizes Santa Catarina's great focus on sustainability and craftsmanship. Pole fishing is the most environmentally friendly way to fish for tuna, and it is common sense to use that fishing method in an area that depends on its natural resources.

Bæredygtig tun

The good fish species

At Grøndals, you only get canned fish that contains healthy and non-overfished species. We only work with fish from nature-friendly fisheries. For example, our tuna is of the species skipjack, which is a fast-growing species that is not threatened by overfishing, and which at the same time has a naturally low content of heavy metals.

The good workforce

In order to create the best products, respect for a good working environment is a necessity. Therefore, there is no form of social dumping or exploitation of labour. Both the men who catch the fish and the women who produce the beautiful products with their loving craftsmanship are guaranteed a good and fairly paid working environment.

The good cans are BPA free

Recycling and waste sorting of cans is important. It is equally important that the cans are free of harmful and hormone-disrupting chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA). If Grøndal's cans are properly sorted, 96% of the metal from the cans is recycled. But at Grøndals we know that not everyone is equally good at sorting waste. It is a shame and compromises the good conscience.

That is why we always encourage you to remember to rinse the cans thoroughly and not to throw them in household waste and residual waste, but rather in the metal container in the waste sorting.

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Grøndal's tasting boxes

The tin box
The tin box
Tin box

Til dig der elsker tun på dåse

The tin box

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Grøndal's host gift
Grøndal's host gift
Host gift

4 populære konserves

Grøndal's host gift

175 kr

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Grøndal's gift box
Grøndal's gift box
Gift box

Smag de 10 populære

Grøndal's gift box

425 kr

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Grøndal's Tasting Box
Grøndal's Tasting Box
Tasting box

En komplet oplevelse og rundtur

Grøndal's Tasting Box

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