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Fish for Christmas lunch

- in a different, tasty way

Christmas lunch table with canned fish

Christmas is almost upon us, which means that Christmas lunch is just around the corner. And why not offer your guests fish for the Christmas lunch? With the Christmas box from Grøndals, you get a wonderful batch of tasty, sustainable fish that fits both the classic Christmas table and more modern interpretations.

It's no secret that we emphasize quality and carefully select our fish based on a number of criteria, where taste is the alpha and omega, but at the same time caters for sustainability and the marine ecosystem.

Order Grøndal's Christmas box and surprise your guests

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Inspiration for the Christmas lunch table

Our canned fish is of high quality, so the fish can be used in Christmas dishes, or simply eaten as it is on a good slice of rye bread. When you buy canned fish from Grøndals, we can guarantee that you are eating fish with a clear conscience.

3 ideas for a Christmas lunch with fish on the table..

Salmon meatballs

No Christmas table without meatballs - and why not replace the pork with salmon? Our cold-smoked salmon is hand-cut, originates from the Faroe Islands and is ASC certified.
Serve the freshly baked salmon meatballs on a juicy slice of freshly baked rye bread and top them with homemade remoulade and a slice of lemon.

Tuna mousse

Tuna mousse is a welcome classic dish that fits into any Christmas table. Grøndal's canned tuna is available in many unique flavors such as ginger, mild chili, fennel and lightly salted - all in either water or olive oil. In addition, our tuna is IPNLF certified, which is considered the most environmentally friendly fishing method.
The tuna mousse tastes good on rye bread, but can easily be enjoyed as is. Try topping it with a delicious dressing, dill or home-pickled red onions.

You can definitely consider making Grøndal's own tuna mousse.

Herring food

Don't forget the herring for the Christmas lunch - our herring fillet in seaweed pesto can be enjoyed just as it is, or roasted in the oven until the surface becomes crispy. Remember to remove the lid from the tin before putting it in the oven. Serve the warm herring fillet on a piece of rye bread together with the seaweed pesto.

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Fun fact about fish during the holidays

Did you know that fish and fasting go together?

In Catholic times, fish was a fasting food. And since Advent was a time of fasting and penance, fish could have a natural place on the menu here. Even after the Reformation, fish was eaten as one of the dishes at Christmas in many places.

In the 17th and 19th centuries, however, people began to eat fish on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day, perhaps as a counterbalance to all the fat Christmas food, without Catholic overtones or undertones being added to it. Eating fish has of course been particularly widespread in coastal areas, but as transport conditions improve - e.g. by rail - the custom is gaining ground more and more.

more fishing trivia?


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